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We are a young and fast-growing software company. While we still develop and sell useful utilities like Mortgage Calculator and Registry Clean Pro, our focus has moved towards software for everyday use. We are happy to introduce our top-notch product – Ovulation Calendar, a program that calculates the time of ovulation and generates your individual fertility chart.

Our Best-Selling Product: Ovulation Calendar

Ovulation Calendar is an easy-to-use software that creates your personal fertility calendar.

Ovulation Calendar Screenshot

The program can aid a woman in becoming pregnant or in preventing a conception. It can also predict the gender and the zodiac sign of your future baby.

Simply specify the length of your menstrual cycle and the date of your last period – and Ovulation Calendar will calculate your fertile and non-fertile days. The program sits in the system tray, near the clock, and reminds you about important changes in your fertility.


Other Products

Color Wheel Pro: see color theory in action

Color Wheel Pro is a software tool that allows you to create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples. The program uses an interactive color wheel to help create the color scheme. An artist can immediately see how the scheme looks on a real artwork. For more information, please visit the Color Wheel Pro website.

Screenshot Utility, a screen capture program

Screenshot Utility is an easy-to-use screen capture program that resides in the system tray. When you press a hotkey, it saves a snapshot of your screen or active window as a JPEG, GIF or BMP file. You can set your own hotkeys that will be used to trigger the capture, choose default path for saving captured screenshots, and select area to capture (entire screen or active window). For more information, please visit the Screenshot Utility website.

Registry Clean Pro, a utility to fix errors in the Windows registry

Registry Clean Pro is a utility that safely removes invalid entries from the Windows registry, thus optimizing the performance of your computer. You can schedule Registry Clean Pro to scan the registry regularly: every day, once a week or once a month. Registry Clean Pro can even check the registry in background mode and alert you when it finds any errors. For more information, please visit the Registry Clean Pro website.

Love Quotes, a software collection of quotes on love, romance and friendship

Love Quotes is an enjoyable program that contains a large collection of quotes on love and romance. It comprises more than 500 famous quotations from numerous authors, as well as quotes from popular culture. With Love Quotes you can add new quotations yourself, edit any quote, send quotes by e-mail and update your quotes database. Love Quotes also has a built-in task organizer to remind you about your tasks, appointments and important dates. For more information, please visit the Love Quotes website.

Mortgage Calculator, a software to list and compare mortgage offers

Mortgage Calculator is a software tool that allows you to evaluate and compare various mortgage offers. Mortgage Calculator computes key values like monthly payment, total sum to pay, and the total amount of interest, and generates an easy-to-print amortization schedule which shows how your debt decreases throughout the loan term. By comparing several schedules you can see which loan project suits you best. Mortgage Calculator also includes a glossary to clarify obscure mortgage terms. For more information, please visit the Mortgage Calculator website.

Weight Loss Program, a software tool that helps you control your weight

Weight Loss Program is a software that helps you control your caloric intake and expenditure to change your weight. Each day you list the foods you consume and the activities you perform, and enter your current weight. Weight Loss Program then calculates your caloric balance and gives you personal daily recommendations on how to reach the desired weight. The program includes a database of 12,000+ foods and 600+ activities to choose from while providing information about your daily meals and activities. It also tracks and visually displays your progress. For more information, please visit the Weight Loss Program website.

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