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Love Quotes, a software collection of quotes on love

Love Quotes is an impressive collection of famous quotations on all aspects of love and relationships. It comprises more than 500 quotations, thoughts and sayings from numerous authors representing various époques of history. Along with classic quotations, Love Quotes also includes a considerable number of quotes from songs and movies.

Love Quotes Screenshot Love Quotes is an easy-to-use software program that contains a large collection of quotes on love, romance and friendship. Click the link below to download the free trial version.

Download Love Quotes:
love-quotes.exe (1.46 MB)

Unlike online archives, Love Quotes conveniently stores the quotes database on your own computer. With Love Quotes you can add new quotations yourself, edit any quote, send quotes by e-mail and update your quotes database. The search function makes it fast and easy to find a particular quote, or all the quotes from a particular author, or all the quotes containing a particular word or phrase.

Love Quotes includes a built-in task organizer, which helps you efficiently plan your activities. The program will remind you of your tasks, appointments and important dates by showing a blinking button on your taskbar and playing a sound. Each reminder will be accompanied by a love quote.

Love Quotes Features:

  • More than 500 quotes on all aspects of love and relationships.
  • Brilliant authors from Aristotle to Woody Allen.
  • Search function to instantly find a quote.
  • Add your favorite quotes or your own thoughts.
  • Manage your time efficiently with the task organizer.


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