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Mortgage Calculator – a software to evaluate and compare mortgage offers

Mortgage Calculator helps you make your first steps in the mortgage application process. It allows you to list, evaluate and compare various mortgage offers before you commit yourself to an agreement. The mortgage offer details you enter into Mortgage Calculator are clearly displayed in a single window together with the essential information you need to make the best choices for you and your family.

Mortgage Calculator - Screenshot

Mortgage Calculator is a program that helps you evaluate and compare mortgage offers. Click the link below to download the free trial version.

Download Mortgage Calculator:
mortgage-caclulator.exe (1.23 MB)

For each offer, Mortgage Calculator computes a number of essential values including monthly payments, total sum to repay, the amount of principal and interest remaining on any particular date, and the total interest payable for the whole loan term. It also generates an amortization schedule which helps you visualize how your debt will decrease throughout the loan term. By comparing several schedules you can see which offer allows you to sign off your debt more quickly. Mortgage Calculator saves you money and helps you to select the best offer.

Features and Benefits of Mortgage Calculator

  • Multiple loan offers are clearly displayed and compared in a single window. You can easily add, copy, edit and remove loan offers.
  • Monthly payments, principal and remaining interest on any given date, total amount of interest, total sum to pay are all calculated automatically.
  • Mortgage Calculator generates detailed amortization schedules. You can use the print preview feature to take a quick look before you print them.
  • An easy-to use glossary helps you clarify obscure mortgage terms.

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