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What is Registry Clean Pro?

Registry Clean Pro is a handy utility to fix errors and optimize the performance of the Windows registry. As opposed to other similar tools, Registry Clean Pro never deletes a registry key if this can harm your system.

Screenshot of Registry Clean Pro

Registry Clean Pro Features:
Automatic Cleanup
Custom Scans
Backup and Undo
Background Registry Monitoring

Download Registry Clean Pro:
registry-clean-pro.exe (951 KB)


Registry Clean Pro – Safety is Job One

You should be very careful when cleaning up your registrydeleting a wrong entry can kill your system. The Internet is flooded with registry cleaning utilities that may remove vital system entries when cleaning your registry.

Registry Clean Pro is a powerful tool but it is absolutely safe. The program thoroughly analyzes each suspicious registry key to make sure that removing it won't affect any installed software or system settings.

For example, a registry key pointing to a non-existing file is invalid and must be deleted. However, some registry keys contain only a filename without the full path to the file. In this case, the referenced file cannot be directly located on the hard drive but the key can still be valid. To avoid the deletion of such keys, Registry Clean Pro tries to find the referenced files by scanning all the folders on the user’s hard drives.

Registry Clean Pro was extensively tested under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP to ensure its complete compatibility and safety.

How Can Registry Clean Pro Help Me?

Registry Clean Pro can monitor the registry in background mode and schedule regular scans. This lets you locate and fix registry errors as soon as they occur. Invalid and orphaned registry keys are removed from the registry – they no longer cause errors in the installed applications and slow down the system.

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