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Screenshot Utility, a Screen Capture Program

Screenshot Utility is an easy-to-use screen capture program that resides in the system tray. When you press a hotkey, it saves a snapshot of your screen or active window as a JPEG, GIF or BMP file.

Screenshot Utility

You can set your own hotkeys that will be used to trigger the capture, choose default path for saving captured screenshots, and select area to capture (entire screen or active window). After the screenshot was captured, Screenshot Utility can alert you with a sound or a text message. You can configure Screenshot Utility to save files automatically, without asking you for the file name (the program will automatically increment file name counter for each captured screenshot), or select the filename manually for each picture.

Screenshot Utility is small, simple and it doesn't require you to read any manuals to get started. Just double-click the tray icon, set your preferences, and start capturing screenshots!

Screenshot Utility Features:

  • You can customize hotkeys
  • You can capture entire screen or active window
  • Runs automatically on system startup
  • Plays sound or message alerts
  • File names are generated automatically
  • Ability to manually choose a file name for each screenshot file
  • Can save screenshots as JPEG, GIF and BMP files
  • Can copy captured screenshots to the Clipboard

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